Have you noticed that you’re more tired than usual? It may seem strange, especially since you aren’t commuting, have snacks in easy reach, and spend most of your time being close to horizontal. Whether you spend your days videoconferencing or making new tik-tok videos, here are eight ways to get your mental and physical energy back.


A lot of the energy drain comes from a sudden loss of a sense of control over our lives. We used to have enough information to make decisions about what our days would look like. Now a lot of those are being made for us, or we don’t have enough information to be confident in the outcomes. Luckily, there are four things you can do now to help regain that sense of control.

Make choices


Whether it’s a taco or a hot dog, you do still get to decide what you eat and when. As much as you can, find opportunities to make choices about what you wear, when you meet with people, and how you use your time. These regular choice making moments will help you find a sense of grounding, and power.



Your life, prior to this one, probably had a number of “automatic” processes or routines that you didn’t have to think about. These “muscle memory” parts of your day, like your commute, or your grocery run, probably look different now. Working around that difference takes mental energy. You can claim some of that energy back by establishing new patterns and routines. It will help soothe your nervous system, and take some of the effort out of getting through the day.

Practice gratitude

Being home more means more cooking, more cleaning and perhaps more caring for the people you share your space with. All of these additional tasks can be a huge energy drain. This is extra challenging if you are working with limited resources. While it sounds counter-intuitive, actively practicing gratitude can help you feel better. Expressing your thanks for more time spent with people you care about has a positive mental and social impact. Writing yourself thank-you notes for being adaptable, and strengthening yourself actually helps you feel better.

Filter your feeds

You already know that doomscrolling is not going to help you feel better. You might not know that being flooded with “we’re in this together” emails from your favourite brands can be just as tiring. Our brains are processing more information than usual, and trying to tell fact from fake news, and it’s tiring. Try unsubscribing from non-essential mailing lists (you can always sign up again later), unfollow people who aren’t adding value to your day, and give yourself permission not to respond to unessential messages.


There’s no place like home, except when you don’t have the option to go anywhere else. Being constantly focused on your screens, how you look on camera (where are those new wrinkles coming from?), and not having as much access to wide open spaces is difficult. Here are four things you can today to regain that sense of space.

Focus on others

You may be the center of your universe, but you don’t have to be the only point of focus – especially if it’s taking a toll on your self-esteem. Switch to a gallery view, or choose to hide your video view from yourself when you’re on calls and in meetings. This will help you stay engaged with the people and the content you are sharing space with. Also take time to look away from your screens. Whether you’re looking out the window, or at a piece of art, or making eye contact with a pet or family member, you’ll feel better for it.

Plan for distraction


Children, pets and partners all have their adorable moments. While they don’t always happen at the best times (check out #brassvixensathomewiththeirpets for excellent class cameos), we can do something about it. How? Deliberately make time with your house mates part of your day. Whether you sit down for a meal, go for a walk,or take a nap together, that dedicated, screen free time that you choose to spend together will help keep things friendly.

Reach out


It’s not uncommon to miss people, and have video conference fatigue. Being tired of a specific way of connecting does not mean that you don’t want a sense of community. Instead, try other ways to connect – an old fashioned phone call is much less taxing on your brain. Or get creative and break out your stationery sets and send some snail mail.

Move more

If you’re reading this, you already know that movement is healthy and critical to your well-being. While you might not have a choice about the space you’re moving in, you do have a choice about how, when and who you move with. So sign up for a class with your favorite instructor at our virtual studio and add a little more movement to your life, on your terms.

Be gentle with yourselves and kind to each other, vixens!