Mint Laser Clinic

Shannon aka #Boss Bitch gets laser hair removal

My good friend Raymi the Minx convinced me to take time out of my busy schedule to try Mint Laser Hair Removal. I have realized the older I get the more high maintenance I have become.  So what’s another appointment to add if it can reduce my shower time?

I took an Uber to my appointment, I do that when I am not sure where I am going and when I am in a hurry (almost always).  The clinic is tucked away in a corner of Liberty Village, it looks deceivingly small but walking in it was GORGEOUS!  White, with green accents, quiet… I was nervous.  I had to fill out am extensive waiver, in the waiting room.  I maybe should have gotten there sooner to allow for time to fill that out (ooops) but they didn’t rush me, whew.

I got walked into the treatment room and I chatted with the practitioner, I was nervous.  She assured me it didn’t hurt.  SURE I am thinking.  Then it dawns on me… what am I scared of?  I get tattooed often, I have done acupuncture, I wax… I am being crazy.

I put on some Terminator shades and got my underarms lasered  in about 45 seconds each side.  I did my bikini line, it was even faster.  Shazam just like that.  If you have tattoos (what?  you don’t?  See Susi – Facebook)

You know how that feels then laser hair removal is a breeze. If getting tattooed is a 10, getting laser is a 3.  Plus it is so much faster.   It was similar to waxing, over super fast, but no redness or ingrown hairs later.  They told me no exercising for 24 hours so i had to get my shift covered but I was fine after that.  Now we wait!