It’s Canada Day, Vixens and we hope it comes with time to reflect, rest and restore. As we are learning the history we haven’t been taught and unlearning what we have been taught about anti-black racism and systemic racism we are also aware of the anti-Indigenous racism that Canada is founded on and continues to perpetuate. From the Indian Act of 1876 that denied voting rights and forbade political organizing to the Oka Crisis in the 1990s to the current lack of clean drinking water in many First Nations there is a lot to sit with.

We are a community mostly made up of settlers on stolen land who continue to benefit from the oppression and the resilience of Indigenous communities. We know we have a lot of work to do to rectify centuries of genocide, displacement and trauma that Indigenous communities continue to face. The first step is acknowledging it, and acknowledging our relation to the land, and to each other.