As a fitness and wellness business, we know we have a responsibility, Vixens. We are responsible for creating safe, healthy spaces for you and to our broader community. We also have a role to play in helping you take care of yourself and of your community. For the most part that has meant creating physical and virtual spaces where we embrace diversity, celebrate our strengths and support each other as we get stronger and more resilient.

We have come together as a community to witness experiences, to learn and to make space for courageous conversations about how we can take better care of you and our community. As a team we are also learning to take care of ourselves in a world where the joint pandemics of COVID-19 and racism have made things we used to take for granted uncertain.

Here is what we are thinking about as we slowly get closer to re-opening our physical locations and welcoming you back to class in-person. 

Communications 101