No person is an island, but physical distancing certainly makes it feel that way. Being apart does not mean we have to be alone. People everywhere are finding new ways to stay connected, or returning to old ones.

Did you know that who you connect with matters just as much as how you connect? To help you level up your social resilience so we can all bounce back a little faster, we made a list of the six squad members you should have. Each of these friends plays a key role, and none of them can replace the other.

If you’re missing a category on this list, don’t worry. A key part of staying resilient is making new friends, so each category includes friendly Brass Vixens team members who fit the bill. We are all happy to make new friends so please reach out and introduce yourself. It will help strengthen your squad, and ours.  If you can’t make it to an online class, you can always join us at Quarantease on Friday, May 22nd, 8:30pm.

The one who is a great listener

You already know who this person is. They’re the ones who make eye contact when you have a conversation instead of looking at their phone. They are curious and ask questions about what you’re sharing. They are sincere and open minded which helps you get things off your chest. They are present while you’re speaking and they don’t interrupt you. If you don’t already have a great listener in your life Chona, Irina, Lisa, Mel, Rachel, and Teresa would love to hear what you have to say. 

The one who always has immediate super practical solutions

While it is usually nice to talk through a situation, sometimes you need an immediate solution you can use. Your problem solving friends sometimes have a little bit of an attitude, but they make up for it by considering the situation from every possible angle. They are usually quick to embrace challenge and conflict and make sure that your interests come first. If you’re grappling with something that you need a fix for, reach out to Irina or Niya. They’ll be happy to help you find an answer.

The one who can make you laugh

Laughter relieves stress, boosts your immune system and it burns calories. Bonus if it’s a belly laugh, because that counts as a core workout. While you can rely on scripted entertainment for it, laughing with another person builds social resilience, which is extra important for overall health. Sarah, Tara, and Janice can make you laugh, no matter what. Reach out to them, or work out with them, for an instant mood lift.


The one who has life experience they can share


Sometimes you need to hear from someone who has already lived through it. Some communities consider these people Elders, regardless of how old they are, because they have experienced things and learned from them. In more formal settings, they are also called mentors. You already know a vixen who fits this description. If you need some wisdom that comes from experience, reach out to Irina. She would love to share her experience with you.

The one who inspires you

This friend might be a little hard to find, but once you have one, they’re hard to miss. They’re the ones who have a big vision, and are always chipping away at their plan to make it real. They’re usually very grateful to their team, and are passionate about the change they’re going to make. These trustworthy friends can sometimes be a little preoccupied with their clear vision for the future, but once you have their attention, the positive attitude is infectious. If you need a boost of positive energy Niya would love to hear from you.


The one who helps you connect you with your sensual self


Sensuality is the enjoyment, expression and pursuit of physical pleasure. At its highest it has you using all of your senses to revel in what your body is capable of. It could mean learning how far you can stretch in a Flexy Vixens class, or discovering your secret strengths in aerial conditioning. You might find learning how to use your deep core muscles as you master a new twerk move a sensual experience, or it may be the sweet subtle connection to your breath in therapeutic yoga. Each vixen instructor is uniquely qualified to help you connect with your senses. Join us at the Virtual Studio and we’ll help you re-engage.