It’s been tough keeping track of time these days, so we’ve missed a month or so! Alas, here is our Vixen of the month, Thanks for sharing your story Ethan! Follow at @ehigg92 on the gram.

1) What do you do when you’re not in pole dancing/lyra/aerial classes?

I’m a hairdresser by trade so a lot of the time I’m in the salon trying to help people feel good about themselves and their hair or at the bar having a ball and trying to discover what the city has to offer!

2) How did you first discover pole dancing?

I was at a club night in Galway, Ireland and I seen a woman preforming and thought “wow she looks so cool” and as it turns out she had her own studio so I signed up with my best friend and loved it from the get go!

3) Do you have any previous dance, fitness or sports experience?

I started irish dancing when I was around 5, I did that until I was 12 and then I started hip-hop, freestyle and slow dance until I was 19 and then I went back to irish dancing as an adult about 2 years ago

4) What appealed to you about pole dancing that made you decide to try it?

Watching people preform and seeing what they could do with their body. Seeing how powerful and graceful it was really appealed to me. That and I’ve never seen a pole dancer who doesn’t look badass and I wanted me some of that!

5 ) How did you come to be a member at Brass Vixens?

I just moved to Toronto, from Ireland in January and I was googling studios that could hopefully become my new home and the vixens page came up and I just knew it was the place for me!

6) What were your first impressions?

Everyone was so welcoming and friendly special shout out to Sarah who helped me a lot in the beginning with trying to figure out what classes to go into and what level to take coming from another studio can be hard but all the vixens were so nice and helpful they’re the best!

7) What keeps you committed to pole dancing?

The support in the community is a huge factor, everyone is already rooting for you and wants you to succeed and you don’t get that everywhere in life. Seeing how everyone can interact and encourage each other is so motivating to keep it up and work at. Also having a pole twin back home that I can share my journey with really helps too! We check in after every class to see how we are getting on and what moves we are working on!

8) What do you feel is a crucial element for a successful class experience?

You have to be your own hype man, it can be so easy to look at people who might grasp a move quicker or have been training longer so they have more strength and feel like you are less than or get down on yourself! Comparison is the thief of joy so you need to embrace your own journey! Honey if you couldn’t hold a spin for 3 seconds last week and can do it for 6 seconds this week get you a glass of bubbles because the good times are here and every small victory is a little step in the great pole journey!

9) What has been an exciting moment for you on your pole journey?

I recently climbed to the top of the pole, (IG content pending) and it was the first time I’ve ever done that since I started and let me tell you that victory dance went on for a while and everyone of my housemates was made come in and watch.

10) Do you have any pole goals you’re working towards?

Currently working towards getting into the A$$ Up Club, still some things to work on (I’m looking at you superman conditioning!) but we are getting there!

11) How has pole dancing and taking classes at Brass Vixens affected the rest of your life and sense of self?

Before I started my pole journey I never would of looked at myself and thought “oh I look sexy” I also didn’t have the best relationship with my body image either, but the more I developed and went along my journey I really started to feel good about how I looked and started to really like the person looking back at me and noticeably feeling like I was looking good, now not every day is like that but there’s a lot more of them now then there was before I started my journey. Pole dancing has really helped me to feel confident in myself and classes at brass vixens really helps that, everyone is so encouraging and supportive you can’t help but feel good!

12) What has surprised you the most?

What surprised me most recently was how easy it was to continue training at home, at the start of the lockdown I was worried that I’d go out of my mind if I couldn’t do anything at all. However as I’ve come to learn the Vixens have always got your back and when the online studio got up and running I was delighted to be able to take classes! Especially those classes I would of missed usually when I was working!

13) Heels or no heels?

Depends on the class, the song and if I can handle the pressure of getting them on in time during class I do be up the walls trying to tie them 😂😂