Your First Pole Class – what to expect:

You signed up for your first pole dance class – congratulations on taking the leap! We can’t wait to see you in the studio! As you take the plunge and try something new, it’s completely natural to be a little nervous. To help calm your butterflies and ensure you’re excited when you walk in the door, here’s a quick list of things to know about your first class.

Fitness Level – Everyone, including your instructor, wasn’t as strong or as coordinated before they took their first class. Once you start taking classes regularly you will build the strength and flexibility to start working on more challenging moves. Your instructor is there to support you. Let them know about injuries or concerns you have before class.

Wardrobe – You don’t have to reveal any more skin than you’re comfortable with. We recommend wearing a tank top and shorts so you can get the traction you need to learn the moves, but there are lots of fun ways to cover up. If you have a favourite pair of heels that helps you feel super confident, bring them with you! You can find ideas in our What to wear to class post.

Timing – Our classes start on time, not five or ten minutes after the hour. This ensures that they end on time so you can get to your next event, or back to the office. Please arrive 15 minutes before your first class so we can take care of any paperwork, and answer your questions. It will also ensure that you have enough time to change and get settled.

Instructors – Our instructors represent a range of ages, personalities and fitness levels. They also have unique areas of focus and styles of teaching. It’s why we recommend you try a range of classes (buy an unlimited pass to make it easier) to find someone who suits your favourite way of learning, and is passionate about teaching things you’re interested in learning. Read up on our instructors here Brass Vixens Staff

Classmates – Your classmates may be at the beginning of their journeys, or may be returning from some time away from the studio. They might also be more experienced dancers looking to perfect the basics, or to build strength before moving up a level. No matter where they are at, they are there to focus on their experience, not to judge yours. They are probably just as worried about looking silly, missing a move, or falling out of a spin. You may find that they become your biggest supporters and cheerleaders as you take classes together and learn more advanced moves.

Ambiance – All of our classes are safe, relaxed spaces (even our conditioning classes which may seem more intense). We encourage all of our students to have a good time as they learn to move and express themselves in new ways. Classes usually begin with a mix of slightly nervous, excited energy. There are generally peals of laughter towards the middle as you practice your first spin, learn basic moves and discover that you can hold your body weight.

Music – Music tends to be a personal choice. Your instructor will pick music that reflects their style and the tone of the class that they’re teaching. If you have a favourite song that you really want to move to, feel free to let your instructor know before or after class.

What you’ll learn – You’ll learn to stretch and warm up safely through a series of connected movements, or a routine. Once you’re warm your instructor will walk you through some basic moves, grips and best practices. About half way through the class you’ll learn your first spin, and maybe practice a strength hold or two. You’ll end the class by performing the routine you learned, or building your own.

Cool Down – Please remember to take a few minutes after class to do your favourite full body stretch. You’ve probably used a number of muscles you weren’t sure existed. Also remember to rehydrate. It will help combat any muscle soreness you feel in the next few days.

Do you have a question about your first class that we didn’t address? Did we miss one of your favourite parts of your first class? Let us know – and share your memories of your first class in the comments! We love hearing from you.