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Saturday, September 15th, 1-8pm, YongeStreet
Sunday, September 16th, 12-7pm, QueenWest
$690 +HST
Teaching Pole Dancing & Sport for Fitness is an exciting choice for your career, part-time working opportunities or for upping your skill level!
Learn the Foundations and Pole Beginner I, the first level of Pole Dance & Fitness Training.
Receive 14 hours of instruction to learn the moves, as well as appropriate methods for teaching, breaking the moves down, and troubleshooting any issues with each move.A complete study and reference manual detailing all the pole, floor and dance moves learned.

Detailed information on how the muscles are getting a workout from each move.

Learn safety and injury prevention methods of conducting a class.

Open discussion for Q & A

Certificate of completion

Brass Vixens Tank

$690+ tax


Upon completion of the 14 hours of training you may enrol in our Instructor Practical Training:

10 hours of in class experience and 10 hours of practice teaching to be completed in a 3 month time period.

This is required to join the BV team!!

$490+tax ($290+tax Vixens)