Ms April, Vixen Sandra Bailey!

Q: What is your profession?
A: I work in web design and digital marketing…  So, if you ever need help with anything like that…! Lol!!

Q: When did you first hear about pole dancing?
A: Last summer when I first moved from Ireland to Toronto.  I had tried a pole fitness class back home but there was no focus on the dance element.  It really stressed the sport and fitness aspect to the point that I really didn’t find it fun at all!

Q: What made you decide to try it again?
A: A friend, whom I’d met through my sister once I’d moved to Toronto had been following Brass Vixens on Instagram and really wanted to try some classes.  I had decided it was my year of saying “Yes!” so I agreed to go along with her!

Q: What are your top three adventures that have resulted from saying yes this year?
A: Working at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand for six weeks, moving to Canada, and becoming a member at Brass Vixens!  Each of these adventures changed my life dramatically.

Q: In what way have you felt that pole dancing and joining Brass Vixens changed your life?
A: It comes down to the community I found here.  It’s so open, supportive and welcoming.  I’ve always been very shy so it’s often been quite difficult for me to meet people and build friendships but at Brass Vixens I have found such a strong connection with the other students and instructors.  I’ve never experienced such a bond with other women before!  I love it here!  It’s changed my self-perception and my view of life.

Q: How has pole dancing at Brass Vixens impacted you?
A: I feel really bad-ass and am getting so strong and confident!  I now know what I’m capable of physically!  I also love that I get to explore and express different sides of myself and my personality through pole dancing in such a comfortable and supportive environment.  I surprise myself sometimes!  The physical challenge and discipline are awesome and super fun but ultimately, for me, it’s the community of people that keeps me coming back.

Q: Did you have any negative preconceptions or erroneous ideas about pole dancing?
A: No, not in general because I was aware of pole as a fitness movement.  In Ireland they make such an effort to take the sexy out of it and just make it really serious and boring and all about fitness!  They try too hard to disassociate it from stripping!  I can dance on a pole without stripping and I can strip without a pole!  The two don’t automatically go together!

Also, I followed pole dancing blogs and various pole stars through social media so I was educated about it for a long time before I tried it myself.

Q: Did you have any trepidation about taking your first class at Brass Vixens?
A: Yes!  I thought everyone was going to have attitude and be super hard core and competitive!  Instead, my first class was so fun!  There was so much laughter!  I was a little overwhelmed at first and unsure of what to expect but I also felt excited… definitely not sexy at first but excited!

Q: Do you have a favourite class?
A: First it was Erotic Chair Dance, then it was Pin-Up Pole  and now it’s Pole Choreo!  There’s always a new challenge to fall in love with!  I love the growth.  Pin-Up helped me become more aware of my body and expressive in my movement… and the fact that I have a bitchy resting face!  Lol!!  Choreo is challenging me to find more flow in my dancing.

Q: Do you have any pole goals?
A:  Continuing to improve my dance flow is important to me…  Getting my inside and outside leg hangs and being able to release my hands from the pole!  Inverting terrifies me but I love it!  I want to be able to do even my basic invert without my heart racing and my face turning bright red!

Q: Final thoughts?
A: It’s funny, a friend and fellow Brass Vixens student recently brought me back down to earth when I was getting too frustrated about struggling with an inversion move.  She kindly reminded me that six months ago I couldn’t even execute a Windmill or Fan Kick!  It’s important to enjoy the journey.  Goals are great and necessary but don’t forget to stop and appreciate where you are now and how far you’ve come.

Q: What is a Brass Vixens moment you will remember forever?
A: Performing for the first time in the Love Machine Valentine’s showcase!  I’ll never forget how much fun it was and how special it felt to be performing with so many fantastic women.  I felt like I was on Broadway!  We did it and it was proper amazing!!

Q: What is your first reason to recommend someone attend classes at Brass Vixens?
A: To get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself and surprise yourself!  To get out of your head, leave the job and troubles behind and be in the moment.  Pole dancing is both physically and mentally rewarding.  It’s awesome!

Thank you Sandra for being a Vixen!!