Presenting Ms. Inae Lee Aveeno!! December Vixen of the Month

Q: What work do you do?
A: I work in I.T. but am also studying psychotherapy.

Q: How long have you been a student at Brass Vixens?
A: Less than a year!

Q: What made you want to try pole dancing?
A: I was looking for a fun workout! I had done yoga before but it wasn’t for me.

Q: Did you have any preconceptions about pole dancing before you tried it?
A: Yes! I was very intimidated, thinking everyone would be competitive with attitude!!

Q: What surprised you the most when you attended your first class?
A: Everyone was so happy and friendly! I felt very welcome. It’s such a wonderful feeling! I look forward to taking class at the end of my day.

Q: What are your top 3 reasons to continue pole dancing at Brass Vixens?
A: Number 1 is the community I have here and the friends I’ve made. Also, how it makes me feel, how I exist now in my own skin. I’m more confident and would never have imagined being able to do what I’m now capable of just 6 months ago!

Q: Since you are a studying psychotherapy, how would you say pole dancing has impacted your psychology?
A: I’m much more expressive and empowered, direct and assertive in my work and life. I’m discovering and enjoying a new side of myself without any guilt, shame or judgement. It’s very important!!