Meet Miss February, Vixen Helen!!

Q: When did you start taking classes at Brass Vixens?
A: I took my first class in June 2015 at the Yonge studio.

Q: What inspired you to try a pole dancing class?
A: It’s really popular in China and my mom wanted to try it so I went to a class with her!  I was so young though and had no strength!  That first experience was intimidating but I knew I wanted to try again someday.  In 2015 I quit my job and went travelling on my own for the first time.  When I returned to Toronto I decided it was time to try pole dancing again, to commit to something new.

Q: Did you have any preconceived ideas about pole dancing?
A: No!  Because it’s so popular in China, I’ve always thought of it as really cool!  I understood it’s not all about stripping!  Though I’m not one, I was excited to be mistaken for a stripper once!!

Q: How did you find Brass Vixens?
A: I found out about the studio online.  I bought a single class but let it expire because I was too nervous at first!

Q: What made you feel nervous?!
A: Even though I knew I wanted to try it, I was unsure of what to expect; the environment, instructors, other students and whether or not it would be really hard.  I finally tried it after buying the Intro Month Offer!  I committed to a whole month without even trying a single class first so I thought, now I have to go, now I have to do it!

Q: What was your first impression and experience?
A: Immediately after my first class I knew pole dancing was going to become my new obsession!  Actually it was right after the warm-up that I knew!

Q: What was/is your favourite aspect of the Brass Vixens experience?
A: It’s an exciting environment and an amazing platform for self discovery and expression.  It’s so inclusive, like a family of amazing people!  We all share and embrace each other’s differences.  You can be really authentic and feel celebrated and supported. That experience can be hard to find in daily life.  It’s a second home.  It brings pure joy!

Q: Do you have a favourite class?
A: All of them!  Lol!!  No, seriously, my favourite is Pole Choreo because it doesn’t matter what level you’re at, you can still dance, express yourself, put even simple moves together and create something beautiful.  I’m not always strong enough for the tricks but I can always dance.  I can put on my heels and be sexy and tell a story.  That’s magical.  To dance the way you want to dance.

Q: Do you have any pole goals for 2016?
A: Simply to continue on my journey.

Q: What are 3 reasons you would recommend Brass Vixens?
A: 1) The spirit of the studio and the human experience.  It’s the intangibles that can’t be found elsewhere.  Everyone has trials and issues and is seeking something when they walk into the studio for the first time.  Brass Vixens is a safe and welcoming place.
2) Everyone from the instructors to the students is amazing and encouraging!
3) There is so much variety in the classes.  It’s not just about pole dancing.  You can fall in love with burlesque or aerial or chair… there are so many ways to express and explore yourself!

Thank you for being a Vixen Helen!