Lady Kori:  Hello Lillian!  What work do you do?
Lillian:  I’m a mechanical engineering intern at Airtron Canada Direct Energy Business Services.

LK:  What other hobbies, interests do you have besides pole dancing?
L:  I love reading!  Reading books, short stories online, poetry…especially horror fiction :D

LK:  When did you first discover, hear about pole dancing?
L:  Me and a friend came across it online and decided to sign up, pretty much as a joke!

LK:   What inspired you to try it?
L:  I guess mostly curiosity.  Also, I wanted to pick up a hobby that I would actually enjoy doing and that is also a great workout.  I dreaded going to the gym so I wanted an alternative.

LK:  Do you have any previous dance or fitness background?
L:  Not really, I did a bit of dance in high school and have occasionally dropped into yoga classes.

LK:  What surprised you most about pole dancing?
L:  How addictive it is!  I find myself coming back for more despite the bruises and pain!

LK:  What was you first experience at Brass Vixens and your first impression?
L:  When I attended my first Pole Beginner One class I was overwhelmed by how confident and genuine everyone was!  It wasn’t intimidating like I expected.  I think I smiled through the whole class and left feeling accomplished that I’d done body rolls/waves on a pole!

LK:  What keeps you continuing to pole dance and attend classes at Brass Vixens?
L:  I keep going back because there’s just always room for improvement with pole dancing.  There’s no such thing as an easy move, there’s always something new to learn or ways to make it better.  Brass Vixens has so many different talented instructors that with each class I pick up something new.

LK:  Do you have any pole goals?
L:  Yes! The Ayesha!

LK:  Do you have a favourite class and why?
L:  I love all the classes but I’m obsessed with any choreo class; pole, chair, etc.  Every choreography feels like a mini performance and watching myself improve a little more each run through is so satisfying!

LK:  What are your top 3 reasons to recommend pole dancing and Brass Vixens?
L:  1. It’s the perfect combination of strength and poise.  I recommend pole dancing because it’s physically challenging and you’ll feel sexy doing it.

2. The people!  You’ll meet so many lovely dancers and the staff are so amazing and caring.  You’ll only find encouragement and support here, it’s such a wonderful community.

3. There are four studios and such a wide variety of classes!  I love exploring other classes like Lyra and Aerial.  Oh, and I looove Troupe, it’s an awesome experience!

LK:  How has attending classes at Brass Vixens affected the rest of your life?
L:  I’m definitely more confident and it feels great to be so active.  I’m more in shape then I’ve ever been …but I don’t get to lotion as much!  The pros certainly outweigh the cons of dry skin though ;-)

LK:  How do your friends and family feel about it?
L:  My parents think it’s awesome and are super impressed every time I show them new tricks!  I have friends coming to me asking about pole dancing and it’s just incredible to know that I was an inspiration.

LK:  Heels or no heels?!
L:  HEELS!  Most absolutely, definitely heels!  They make everything look amazing!

LK:  How would you feel about having a dance move named after you?!!
L:  That would be so awesome!  I want to change my answer about pole goals to having a dance move named after me instead!

Thank you Lillian for being a vixen!  You rock!