I will never forget the first time I tried Lyra. I knew it was a beautiful art, I thought I would be strong enough to at least attempt it and definitely was excited. When I actually felt the hoop for the first time, inverted, climbed up and did my first moves, I felt such exhilaration. I was doing this for myself. I had spent over 26 years teaching fitness, dance, pole and other forms of dance to others and decided to take this just for me.

The thing was, the more I fell in love with this art, the more I wanted to share it with my students, friends and anyone who I thought would love it just as much as I did. I became certified and brought the apparatus to the studio.

Those who attended classes fell in love with Lyra just like I did. The magical thing about trying something new, something that is a bit scary, a lot hard and hurts a bit, is that it challenges you in ways you never imagined. It challenges you to overcome fears, growing confidence. It challenges you to train harder, becoming physically stronger. It challenges your ability to deal with discomfort, developing resilience and character.

I have to say that I will never regret sharing my secret passion with everyone. It has brought me so much joy and satisfaction to see my students achieve things they thought not possible, or that they thought they were not strong enough or brave enough to do. I have been honored to be on the journey with some of them grow in skill to the point that they have competed and performed at various events. I feel very humbled to be a part of someone life like this.

I know for anyone considering trying Lyra and who is scared that they are not strong enough, that it will hurt, that they are not flexible enough; you are enough. All of these “problems” have solutions and the amazing thing is that you can literally watch yourself become ‘stronger’, ‘braver’ and more confident with each class.

When people ask me what my favorite thing about Lyra is, I say, it is an apparatus that challenges my strength and fears while allowing me to be creative, dance and just feel amazing.

I asked a few of the students at Brass Vixens to share what they love most about Lyra. Here is what some of them said.

“The first time I found out what Lyra was, I had come across this Youtube video of a man and a woman performing a duet in a hoop. There was so much emotion, grace, and incredible strength in that piece, it made me teary eyed, and I decided then, that’s what I wanted to do. I lived in the small town of Ajax where I used be a dancer, but when you get older, there doesn’t seem to be any decent classes for adults. I think I was going through some sort of withdrawal, and in my mind the only way to start dancing again was to move to Toronto. Sounds crazy, but I moved to Toronto so that I can start dancing again, and the first thing I did was sign up with Brass Vixens and enrolled into their Lyra program. … The hoop makes me feel beautiful, I love that people are intrigued by the art, but the challenge of Lyra and the ideas that I have is definitely what keeps me hooked.” – Megan K

“Lyra makes me feel Strong, Sexy, and Cool.

Strong: Because it is a full body workout. You need to engage your full body to flow into and more importantly out of moves. It also requires flexibility, so this important element to being a physically fit person cannot be ignored.

Sexy: Duh. Look at all the pretty shapes! And if you perform, or compete, you can add you personality to it. By developing a story, character and costume! So much fun.

Cool. Bitch please, all of your non Lyra friends are going to be so impressed, though your own satisfaction is of course enough. But just think of that new profile picture. Me: At the circus!
Oh yeah, and it is fun! Each week you develop strength that will help you with whatever else you are doing! Promise! And you will get support from your fellow Vixens. I cannot express just how rewarding it is to do something, even a double knee hang that feels impossible. It spills over, the confidence it builds, into other aspects of your life.” – Candy

“Why do I love Lyra? I ask myself that question everyday so here it goes… I could never ever find something I am good at since I was a child… I played tennis did gymnastics and still no matter what I did I could never achieve it properly. I started with pole and found that it wa