Lady Kori: Hello Sarah! What work do you do?

Sarah: I’m a freelance visual merchandiser, creating and installing retail window displays. I’ve spent a lot of time on a ladder with a paint brush or drill, so I’ve never been too afraid of climbing a pole ;)

LK: How did you first discover pole dancing?

Sarah: I saw it on Groupon and knew absolutely nothing about it or anybody that did it. It sounded fun but it also scared me a little… so I had to try it!

LK: Do you have any previous dance, fitness or sports experience?

Sarah: I quit ALL the sports my mom made me sign up for as a kid, but I do have 8 years of ballet under my belt!

LK: What made you feel pole dancing could be for you and decide to try it?

Sarah: I wanted a fun way to keep fit after I lost a little bit of weight for my wedding a few months before. It quickly became so much more than that. It definitely keeps me in shape but I don’t think about my weight anymore, just about what tricks I’m trying to learn!

LK: How did you come to be a member at Brass Vixens?

Sarah: Groupon! I couldn’t convince any of my friends to do it too… so I finally went alone to my first class feeling pretty nervous. The teacher was so positive and fun and totally inspiring. I was hooked! My first class was on Valentine’s day and it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself… love yourself!

LK: What were your first impressions?

Sarah: I was totally convinced I would never be able to do a basic fireman spin. Also, I WANT THE SHOES.

LK: What keeps you committed to Brass Vixens and pole dancing?

Sarah: The Vixen community! Everyone is so inspiring and encouraging. When I ask my friends to come to the showcases I tell them “it’s basically a bunch of awesome people cheering on a bunch of other awesome people doing really awesome things”. It’s also very therapeutic. I can’t even imagine a life without BV classes… for real though.

LK: What do you feel is a crucial element for a successful class experience?

Sarah: Listen to your body and be nice to it! While I hate taking a few days off pole I sometimes come back feeling stronger. Also, have a sense of humor. Trying to get new moves or tricks for the first time is usually not pretty, laugh at yourself.

LK: What has been an exciting moment for you on your pole journey?

Sarah: Having the showcases and the chance to perform in front of people is awesome, with a troupe or a solo, you learn so much about yourself.

LK: Do you have any pole goals?

Sarah: To shoulder mount like a weightless ninja and to also deadlift into a handstand. And to be more comfortable on spin pole. and to learn more Lyra. It never ends!

LK: How has pole dancing and taking classes at Brass Vixens effected the rest of your life and sense of self?

Sarah: It’s given me so much more confidence in myself and my body, and loads of patience, for myself and for others. I can also do way more sit-ups and push-ups than my husband but I usually try not to rub that in his face.

LK: What has surprised you the most?

Sarah: When a teacher demonstrates a new trick or move and my brain is like “no way, never” and then I try it and it’s not so bad. Believe in yourself first, then work hard!

LK: What are you favourite classes and why?

Sarah: Floorplay! It feels great to step away from the pole and have nothing but movement. I also love Pole Choreo because it’s the perfect blend of strength and sexy.

LK: What are your top 3 reasons to attend classes at Brass Vixens?

1. It’s a fun way to stay fit and brag to your friends that you’re the strongest (unless those friends are also Vixens!)
2. the Vixen community!!!!
3. an excuse to buy new 8″ shoes.

LK: Heels or no heels?!

Sarah: HEELS! A room of strong sexy dancers heel-clacking in unison is the best sound!

Thank you Sarah!