Introducing Ms March!  Irina Shipilova, Vixen of the month!

Q: What is your profession?
A: I’m a Forensic Pathologist Assistant.

Q: How long have you been pole dancing as a student at Brass Vixens?
A: 15 months!

Q: What inspired you to try pole dancing?
A: I was intrigued but nervous when I first heard of pole dancing, not knowing what kind of people do it, what the studio environment would be like, if it would be all about stripping…  Lol!!  Then a friend of mine purchased a Groupon voucher to attend classes at Brass Vixens.  She was so excited when she spoke of her experience I decided to purchase classes as well and give it a try.

Q: What was your first student experience?
A:  I had my first class at the Queen Street West studio.  The instructor asked if I was a dancer or gymnast!  I said gymnast and she replied that she could tell by the way I move!  I loved it and was hooked right away! The classes provide a combination of dance and athletics.  This is a mix I had been searching for but not finding anywhere until I came to Brass Vixens and tried pole dancing.  I’ve  gone to the gym for fitness and continue to go occasionally but it doesn’t provide me with the experience I’m really looking for and am familiar with from my childhood.  Gyms are too boring for me!!

Q: Do you have a favourite class at Brass Vixens?
A: NO!  One of the things I love is that there are so many different classes and instructors!  I benefit from the diversity.  In the different classes with different instructors I get to learn a greater variety of dance moves, tricks, warm-ups, stretches etc.

Q: Do you have any pole goals?
A: Yes!  I want to condition my body to be able to do sequences and combos up the pole without fear!  To trust my strength and abilities and not be scared!

Q: What are your top 3 reasons to recommend pole dancing and attending classes at Brass Vixens?
A: Number one for me is that it is an absolutely non-judgmental environment.  Anyone can come attend classes no matter what their fitness background and find what they need and are looking for.  There are stretch classes if someone wants to improve their flexibility, there are conditioning classes if they want to focus on strength, there are dance classes, pole classes…

Two: It’s an amazing workout!  I promote it all the time!  Because my job is very physically demanding I was getting injured often, especially in my shoulders.  Since I started pole dancing I haven’t had any more injuries.  My whole body is stronger and I am more diligent in looking after it, getting massage therapy and making sure I can continue to dance and improve!  I feel a greater sense of responsibility toward my body!

Three:  Confidence!  Not just in my dancing but in life.  Since I started pole dancing I have developed a completely different view of life and of myself.  I know how strong I am inside and out and determined!  This experience provides moral and emotional conditioning as well as physical!  I know what I am capable of and feel like I can do anything!

Thank you for being a Vixen!

Brass Vixens would like to congratulate Irina on recently completing her Pole Beginner 1 instructor training!!