Presenting Miss May!  Vixen Jennifer Reguindin

LadyKori: What is your profession?
Jennifer: I’m an intensive care nurse by training and I also work as an educator within the healthcare system, developing initiatives, creating healthcare apps…  I guess I have two jobs!

LK: When did you first hear of pole dancing?
J: It was in 2013 while I was on vacation in Vancouver.  I met someone who did pole dancing, doubles and triples pole and they showed me videos of what they could do.  I was amazed!  I thought it was the coolest thing ever!

LK: Did you try it while in Vancouver?
J: No!  I ended up too busy working!  …typical! Lol!

LK: When did you finally have the chance to attend a class?
J: Once I was back in Toronto, I got a voucher from Groupon for classes at Brass Vixens.  I still remember my first class!  It was a Pole Beginner 1 on Saturday at the Bloor West studio.  I was hooked right away!

LK: Do you have previous dance or fitness training?
J: I did Kung Fu for 10 years and then more recently tried ballet but it wasn’t for me!  I found it too restricting.  I was still attending ballet classes when I started at Brass Vixens.  I remember looking at my ballet shoes and my pole shoes side by side while deciding which made me happier! Pole won!  Lol!

LK: What do you feel are the contrasts and similarities between the two disciplines; Kung Fu and pole?
J: They are both physically and mentally challenging and rewarding.  Practicing Kung Fu is following a very specific tradition and it’s extremely formal.  What I love about pole dancing is that it’s so feminist and empowering and it’s non-traditional.  It’s a growing discipline so I can make it whatever I want and need it to be for myself.  Plus, I’ve always liked to dance and felt a need for something more exciting and personally expressive.

LK: What keeps you attending classes at Brass Vixens?
J: Aside from goals I still have to reach and the community, it’s the constant feeling of growth.  I changed my whole lifestyle around pole dancing and I’m healthy and strong.

LK: What are your pole goals?
J: Flow!  I want to be able to create my own sequences expressing my creativity and imagination.  I never want to touch the ground!

LK: Do you have a favourite class?
J: The performance troupe experience is my favourite!  I love working together with the group toward a common goal.  We get to grow and bond, sharing the hard work and committing to the process.  The performance at the end is something fun to look forward to when all the hard work pays off and our family and friends can celebrate with us.

LK: What are your top three reasons to recommend pole dancing?
J: One, It’s a process of self-discovery and a practice of self-love.  Two, health, strength and flexibility. Three, Community.  I know I’ve listed community last but it’s because you can’t achieve strong community without achieving the first two.  If I’m healthy and happy and loving toward myself then I can extend that to others.

LK: How has pole dancing and being a member at Brass Vixens affected the rest of your life and sense of self?
J: Aside form having so much more confidence, it has expanded my social life and community.  I walked in on my own but now every time I leave I have a bigger and bigger family!  It extends beyond the walls of the studio.  I feel so empowered and so feminine!  I leave class feeling like a giant of men!!

Thank you Jennifer for being such an awesome Vixen!