Hello Carina!

Lady Kori:  What work do you do?

Carina: I’m a physiotherapist. I work with hospital patients in a few different settings: cardiac surgery, cardiovascular ICU, thoracic surgery, and neurological rehabilitation.

LK: How did you first discover pole dancing?

Carina: My best friend started taking classes back in 2007 and loved them- she couldn’t stop talking about it! She took me for a semi-private lesson as a Christmas gift. I loved it too! The places I lived in between then and now didn’t always have a studio close by, so I took classes here and there over the years. I’ve now been pole dancing consistently for about 2.5 years since I discovered Brass Vixens in Toronto 😀

LK: Do you have any previous dance, fitness or sports experience?

Carina: I grew up trying many different sports until I fell in love with competitive swimming and soccer. Throughout my undergrad degree, I decided to try triathlons as well as group fitness classes like cardio kickboxing and boot camp. I actually became certified as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. I really enjoyed the team/group atmosphere for training. Post-undergrad, I traveled and moved around a lot so I mostly stuck with running, hiking, and boot camp style workouts that didn’t require any equipment. I’ve always enjoyed being active and pushing myself to try new fitness pursuits – I love feeling my body getting stronger and fitter. I had no real dance experience prior to trying pole dancing, so that’s an aspect of pole that I find to be quite challenging.

LK: What made you feel pole dancing could be for you and decide to try it?

Carina: My best friend was a huge motivator for me to try pole dancing. She knew I was strong and fit and told me right away, “I know you can invert on your first try!” Her energy and enthusiasm won me over- I had no idea what to expect from pole before my first class so long ago. After learning a bit more about it, I absolutely loved the combination of strength, grace, flexibility, and control that pole athletes have when performing. I knew the dance portion of it would be hugely out of my comfort zone, so I thought, why not go for the challenge!? I also felt the amazing sense of community at pole studios and knew that this was something special <3

LK: How did you come to be a student at Brass Vixens?

Carina: I moved to Toronto 3 years ago to start my Masters in Physical Therapy at U of T. I had previously been pole dancing at my friend’s studio in Vaughan and was looking for a new pole home. When the Brass Vixens Yonge location opened up a 5 minute walk from my apartment, I couldn’t be happier! I’ve been a Vixen ever since 🙂

LK: What were your first impressions?