What do you do when you’re not pole dancing (work/school/hobbies etc.)?

I’m a full time mom of an amazing 5 year old boy! I also have two part-time jobs working in child care and as a receptionist at a gym.

How did you first discover pole dancing?

I can’t recall exactly when I discovered pole dancing.  Maybe around the time YouTube became popular! I’ve always loved any form of creative dance and pole dancing was something I truly enjoyed watching.

Do you have any previous dance, fitness or sports experience?

I got into salsa dancing when I was 22 years old and danced recreationally for six years.  Even though I work at a gym, and love working at gyms, I never took a liking to working out in a gym!  I’ve tried many times to like it but failed miserably. When it came to sports, I’ve only played the those that were required in high school PE class! I’m not much of a sports fan.

What made you feel pole dancing could be for you and decide to try it?

I knew pole dancing was for me because I never got bored watching it!  I’ve always wanted to find a way to workout and have fun at the same time and I had pole dancing in the back of my mind.  Between work and being a mother, I put it on my “bucket list” as something I must do one day. When my son started school and my life situation changed, it was the prefect time for me to get started.

How did you come to be a member at Brass Vixens?

I bought a 20 class pass on Groupon.  I love deals! Then I signed up for 15 months; buying three 5 month memberships at one time!

What were your first impressions?

What I first noticed about Brass Vixens was the welcoming staff.  They are very friendly, accommodating and professional. The studio setup was beautiful and clean.  I felt at home. The instructors were really good at giving proper instruction on how to do each move properly, which built my confidence in learning pole at Brass Vixens.

What keeps you committed to pole dancing?

There is so much when it comes to pole that I am eager to learn.  I love the process of learning how to dance seductively, building strength and becoming more flexible.  The endless potential is what keeps me committed.

What do you feel is a crucial element for a successful class experience?

Pretty much everything I’ve gotten so far at Brass Vixens!  Instructors that are good at instructing while being an example of someone who loves what they do.  A professional and friendly environment and a place that is welcoming to all.

What has been an exciting moment for you on your pole journey?

I have had many exciting moments when it comes to my pole journey.  Reaching any milestone when it comes to pole is worth celebrating! My most recent was achieving Gemini into Scorpio in inversions class.

Do you have any pole goals you’re working towards?

Yes… to be an amazing pole dancer. ;)

How has pole dancing and taking classes at Brass Vixens affected the rest of your life and sense of self?

Pole dancing has been a stepping stone to seeing what commitment can yield.  I’ve always been someone who gives up before seeing the positive outcome. Now I have a reference point for how to tackle my desires in the future.  This experience has given me the wisdom and confidence to never give up on my dreams.

What has surprised you the most?

My ability to do hours of pole classes in one day… I think I’m an addict!

What are your favourite classes and why?

Erotic pole and Floorplay.  I love dance and both classes are strongly dance infused.  The classes also challenge my body to move in ways I never thought possible.

What are your top 3 reasons to attend classes at Brass Vixens?

1. To learn a skill that your partner (or potential partner) will be grateful for!  2. To have a workout routine that is fun! 3. To get your sexy back!!!

Heels or no heels?!

Heeles!!! I got my 7 inch heels and can’t want to graduate to 8 inch :P

Thank you Antoinette for being a Vixen!