What do you do when you’re not in pole dancing/lyra/aerial classes?

I work as a research analyst in tourism consulting for CBRE. I love it because each project is so different, one day I’m analyzing event data for a convention centre’s economic impact, the next day I’m researching the latest water park attractions and northern lights glamping locations. It’s like doing the math behind people’s tourism dreams.

I also love exploring new patios/restaurants in our amazing city, travelling (though not currently), and snuggling up on the couch to watch movies with my hubby.

How did you first discover pole dancing?

I’ve always loved dancing and wanted to try a dance style that would keep me fit and didn’t involve a partner.  I signed up for the Groupon deal to try it out but after the 1st class I knew I’d be sticking around.

Do you have any previous dance, fitness or sports experience?

I’m originally from South Africa and dancing is a big part of the social culture there, so I’ve always loved it. I grew up doing ballroom and latin dancing in Canada and have also dabbled in hip hop and jazz.

What appealed to you about pole dancing that made you decide to try it?

Pole dancing had intrigued me because it was a gorgeous combination of strength, control, elegance, and sexy movements. Plus, it didn’t involve a partner — while I love partner dancing, this was something I could do for myself and put my own spin on it (no pun intended) without having to adapt to my partner’s style or follow a routine.

How did you come to be a member at Brass Vixens?

I used up my Groupon passes so quickly, so a membership was the logical next move — couldn’t get enough :D 

What were your first impressions?  

I loved that people from all walks of life were trying this out, bringing their own flavour to their dance style, and exploring a new side of themselves. The instructors are all so amazing and welcoming — even when I look like a baby giraffe trying to walk, everyone is so encouraging and we all cheer each other on!

What keeps you committed to pole dancing?

Obsession? Lol, and also wanting to be better, learn new moves, and get to new heights (another pole pun…). I also love how it makes my body look and all the strength I’ve gained! So much fitness with none of the tedium of going to the gym.

What do you feel is a crucial element for a successful class experience?  

From a technical standpoint: pay attention to hand placements! Also thinking through the moves while you’re in them—especially for holds or climbs where you have time — thinking through the process and focusing on holding my knees a certain way, squeezing harder to hold on, or paying attention to where my toes are pointing have all been real game changers. Works much better than just throwing my body into it and hoping for the best ;)

From a style perspective, not trying to look exactly like your instructor. Our bodies are all beautifully different and learning to adjust the style of movement to fit my body has been helpful and so fun!

What has been an exciting moment for you on your pole journey?

I’ve just started inversions! It was very exciting to be upside down. I also started spin pole classes during COVID and LOVE IT! It was like rediscovering a whole new way of pole dancing. And I’m coming up on my 1 year pole anniversary in September :), many exciting moments!

Do you have any pole goals you’re working towards?

Many! My flexibility (no flexibility!) is very high on the list, a solid shoulder stand on my bad side, and getting better as I keep practicing and learning new moves.

What has surprised you the most?

That I CAN actually do this! I still feel that “wow” feeling when I learn a new move and discover I can actually do it. It’s become a bit of a mantra. When the instructor demonstrates a new move and my brain goes “no way!” I have to remind myself, you CAN do this. Now it’s getting easier to shush that negative voice and I’m excited to try new moves knowing that I’ve been able to do past ones.

Heels or no heels?!

Heels! Though I haven’t worn them at home at all during COVID to be respectful to my downstairs neighbours. Now it’s time to get back in practice 

Thanks to BV, my instructors, and all my fellow vixens for the fun, passion, encouragement, and sexy times! xoxo